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About Us

Generations Dance Academy is passionate about investing in the lives of our students. 


Our wish for our dancers is to be well versed in the art of dance while using their talent to serve others. By teaching our students the life skills of encouragement, unity, patience, respect, poise, servanthood and hard work we hope our dancers will make lasting positive impacts in their communities!

We offer classes from 2 1/2 years through high school. Our varieties of dance classes include Ballet, Jazz, Pointe, Tap, Hip Hop, Lyrical & Contemporary, Musical Theatre, and AcroDance. GDA is a "More Than Just Great Dancing" Affiliated Dance Studio.

Our History

GDA Director Melissa Boudreau has strong roots in the art of dance. She grew up dancing and spending most of her formative years at her Grandmothers’ and Mothers’ dance studios. In 2014, Melissa opened her first studio and named it Generations Dance Academy in recognition of her family matriarchs.


Here’s the story behind the name:

Melissa’s great grandmother, Grace Bruha, contracted polio shortly after being married and before a vaccine became available. Against all odds, she was able to have two children, Marilyn and David. Because Grace was wheelchair bound, it was important to her that her children participated in physical activities. Marilyn’s favorite was taking dance lessons.


Her love for dance grew and she opened Marilyn's School of Dance in LaCrosse, WI in 1950 until her retirement in 2000. Her 50 years of community involvement and special legacy led Mayor Pat Zielke of LaCrosse to declare June 15th as Marilyn Wood Day.


Marilyn’s daughter, Julie Austin, walked in her Mothers’ footsteps by opening her first studio at the age of 18 in Westby, WI. Julies’ heart for reaching children of rural areas with the art of dance has left a lasting impression on thousands of students through the years.  Julie retired in 2022.


Generations Dance Academy continues the legacy of instilling the art of dance to students in New Lisbon and surrounding communities!

Our Mission

Family first.   Positive role models.   Excellence.  

Age appropriate choreography & costumes.

All children have God-given worth. Encourage creativity.  

Exceed expectations. Dance lessons teach life lessons.

 Give back to our community.

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