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Our Specialty Classes are extensions of our Fundamental Classes and offer a diverse dance experience for GDA students. Students can take their love for dance to the next level with GDA's AcroDance, Lyrical/Contemporary, and Hip-Hop classes. Specialty classes must be taken in addition to a GDA Fundamental Class.

Lyrical and Contemporary

Students enrolled in a ballet class may also take Lyrical & Contemporary. This combined class will introduce students to the newest and most popular performance genres’.


Lyrical:  Lyrical dance is a fluid and controlled form of jazz combined with ballet technique.  Leaps, turn and dance tricks will be introduced to build stamina and strength.


Contemporary:  A mixed style of dance borrowing from classical, modern and jazz styles.  Contemporary dance utilizes both the strong and controlled legwork of ballet and modern dances stress on torso movement.  Floor work, fall and recovery and improvisation are characteristic of Contemporary dance.

***Must be Enrolled in a Ballet Class

Hip Hop

GDA’s Hip Hop classes expose students to classic hip hop as well as newer forms that have evolved such as Breaking, Locking, Popping, Jazz-Funk and Stomping.

***Must be enrolled in Jazz


GDA's AcroDance instruction is based on a comprehensive and internationally recognized syllabus. Generations Dance Academy is a certified Acrobatic Arts Studio. 

AcroDance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements to create a unique, fun art form.  

AcroDance is not the same as gymnastics. An AcroDancer must complete all of the skills on the hard stage without the advantage of a sprung floor, while seamlessly intregating musciality, emotional expression, extension, control, and line. Skills taught in AcroDance might look the same as gymnastics, but are taught differently to compensate for the conditions.


This class is designed to give students an opportunity to explore new physical abilities.  AcroDance is also helpful to any aspiring dancer.  Students that train in both dance and Acro have balanced development, become stronger, more flexible and well-rounded performers.

***Must be enrolled in Ballet or Jazz

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre combines elements of theatre and dance to create an entertaining, show stopping performance. 

Students will enhance their "facials", musicality, and acting skills. 

***Must be enrolled in a Ballet or Jazz class.






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