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These classes begin for students in 2nd grade and continue for students through high school. Graded-level classes are the foundation for building a strong dance technique. Listed here will be classes in Ballet, Jazz, and Tap. Dancers will initially be placed into classes based on age and/or ability. To move into a more advanced graded-level class, the instructor will notify the student and parent if they are ready to test. Dancers will then take a skills test and an additional vocabulary test for Ballet.


Ballet teaches skills that are challenging, rewarding and lays the foundation for most other dance forms.  Ballet requires strong technique, alignment, placement, balance and grace.  Dancers that begin their training in ballet can quickly transition into other styles of dance.  


*Pink ballet shoes required.


Pointe is fun and exciting, and is the pinnacle of the aspiring Ballet dancer's training.  At the same time it necessitates great strength in the feet and ankles to execute the movements correctly and safely.  With this in mind, there are several requirements:

Must be in Ballet III or Ballet IV and have instructor recommendation. 




Jazz is a dance form that appeals to most everyone because of its energy, variety and vitality.  Dancers develop strength, flexibility, alignment and coordination while listening to contemporary music.  Jazz classes can range in styles from lyrical to percussive.


The quickest and most effective way for a student to learn rhythm and musicality is through a tap class.  Students create feet rhythms while learning to be aware of their classmates tapping sounds so all taps appear to come from one dancer. 


*Tan buckle tap shoes are required for Level I. 


*Black tap shoes are required for Levels II,III, and IV.

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